Remedies to Cure your SMASH Bombshell Craving

Well, June 8 has surely come and heart-wrenchingly gone. Despite your tireless endeavors of convincing your parents to buy you a round-trip ticket to New York or your clearly desperate hunts on Craigslist or your twitter rants asking (I mean BEGGING) twitter-savvy Debra Messing for spare tickets, your efforts to attend the Bombshell one night only concert have been to no avail.


Clearly, you are still probably feeling as heartbroken as Frank when he found out Julia was having an affair. Or as disgusted as Tom felt whenever Derek opened his mouth. Or maybe just simply as dejected as Ivy when she first discovered she did not get her highly-anticipated big break as Marilyn. Of course, there is not a sole panacea in life(though Ben & Jerry’s comes pretty darn close). However, there are several ways to cope with not attending the ONE NIGHT ONLY, greatly anticipated, concert that closed off the gloriously dramatic show SMASH. So before you sit down with a box of tissues and your trusted laptop to watch some bootlegged scores of the June 8th show, here are some ways to feel as if you were present at the show and tips for better coping with the cold truth that you were not able to watch Tom and Julia exchange warm smiles or Ivy and Karen melodiously belting soaring notes one last time as Marilyn/Norma Jean.

Listen to the Bombshell album Whether you are in the car, lying poolside, or going for a run, fill your ears with some Marilyn. Some feisty Never Met a Wolf Who Didn’t Love to Howl beats may be exactly what you need to get your day buzzing.

Tweet Away Even though getting a retweet or response from uber-famous celebs may feel like a long-shot, go out on a whim and go for it! Whether it’s Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Debra Messing, or Brian d’Arcy James, give them a quick tweet; if they notice your existence you will feel as if they are just begging to let you be their star.

Stay Positive Though it seems impossible, maybe a fantastic playwright will notice the opulent brilliance that embodies Bombshell and fill in the gaps between the fantastic scores with a book. Always hold out hope. Just as Marilyn did not let us forget her, Bombshell will not let us forget its tender yet ever so rambunctious songs.


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