Fashion Feature Friday: Dream Ensemble

I will most likely never be strutting my 5′ ft self down a star-studded red carpet given I was only able to make the ensemble in the 6th grade performance of Annie and my vocal ability is sub par.

But, a girl can dream and ever since I could dress myself and ever since my mother allowed me to purchase clothes from stores other than The Children’s Place and ever since I glued my eyes to the red carpet segment of every award show, I tediously and meticulously dreamed up my silky, pristine red carpet ensemble.

From the mesmerizing jewels to the soaring pumps and of course the flowing dress, I have carefully dreamed up the most chic head-to-toe look.

Tiffany Pearls (C/O

Jewels Everybody is familiar with it and everybody is indeed mesmerized by its warm hue– lush Tiffany blue.  Tiffany jewels are possibly the most sought after accessories in every women’s life and I can only dream to be adorned by such elegant pearls and such glistening diamonds.

Louboutin Pumps (C/O

Shoes I may be cheating, but I have two dream designers that my size 6 shoes are begging to make contact with.  Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin are the two highly-esteemed shoe designers who I most marvel.

The delicate elegance of Jimmy Choo shoes has never failed to captivate my most keen fashion side.  While the red bottom trademarked Christian Louboutins pumps are too tempting to ever pass up.

The Dress I have always endeavored to wear simple yet elegant dresses for any special occasion and Mr. Hubert de Givenchy designs dresses that are the primacy of grace.

Givenchy fitting Ms. Hepburn for ‘Funny Face’ (C/O

Close friends with the most graceful , Audrey Hepburn, and personal designer of the chic first lady, Jackie Kennedy, Givenchy is the master of blueprinting simple, classy and undeniably timeless dresses.

Comment what your mix-and-matched dream outfit is!


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