Food for Thought: One Size Fits All

As I was trying on striped, cotton-stretchy tops and dresses at a shop in SOHO that solely sells ‘one size fits all’ clothing, I came upon this conversation in the fitting room. Though not the most articulate written work, the penned letters surely shed light on a highly-inequitable issue. Ironically, it is inside the ‘boobs’ and ‘sh*t’ comments where a strong fervor for change lies.

What is your take on ‘one size fits all?’ Foul or Fair? Comment below–I would love to hear your input.

‘F*ck one size fits all.’                       ‘Word! This sh*t is ridiculous.’ ‘[SHOP] should not sell the standard of what my body should look like.’ ‘My boobs are too fu**ing big: 1 size fits select few’                                       ‘Amen <3’

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