Three Seemingly Boring Activities that Surprisingly–Aren’t

Images of certain pastimes, over the decades, have been doodled on with sleepy “zzzzs” and ruminated over with a sense of lackluster meaning.

Recently, however, I have found that many of these activities that many assume produce the same result that a child makes when given a plate of vegetables, are actually very undeserving of such ‘boring’ reputations. In actuality they are, indeed, very peace-filled forms of recreation.

So, give these hobbies a chance–instead of snores and drool, they may quite possibly add some vigor in your eyes and excitement to your summer, chlorine-clouded brain.

Seashell Scouting. Strolling down the beach, barefoot, bucket in hand, is one of the most IMG_8431soothing outdoor activities. Without a hassle, grab your sunglasses and a friend and try to scout out  the most aesthetically pleasing shells. (Craft Hack: find a pretty shell with a small hole in the rim–the ‘flower of the sea’ makes for a sweet necklace once you poke a strand of thread/yarn through it.)

Flower Planting. Waiting for a plant to sprout may not be the best antidote to cure an impatient personality. But, once the flowers begin to IMG_4614visibly grow and flourish, it’s intriguing to track the evolution, overtime. And ultimately the natural process gives you a beautiful splash of color and petals be it in your backyard or in a pot placed in the kitchen windowsill.

Ceramic Painting. Whether it’s a visit to the local craft store or an outing to a paint studio, the combo of paint and a ceramic of any shape harbors wonderful results. The artistic task is extremely placid IMG_8305and calming, never failing to relax me. And by the end of the process, you create something that reflects your personality–projected on a mug, a plate or even a vase.


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