Garden Flowers: Setbacks and Step-ups

Garden Flowers
Garden Flowers

It has been almost three weeks since my five types of flowers have been planted.  And the growth process has proved to be just as ambiguous as the Florida weather they are currently basking in.  Just over one week ago, both kinds of  sunflowers were blooming and flourishing very healthily, the Purple Coneflowers just began to sprout, and the Delphinium and Forget-Me-Not Blue Birds were yet to show signs of any above-ground action.

Purple Coneflowers
Purple Coneflowers

To the dismay of the delicate beings, a heavy, summer rainstorm drowned the pots of plants.

Evening Sun--Sunflowers
Evening Sun–Sunflowers

I was not home and unfortunately was not able to shelter the plants on the patio.  The Purple Coneflower sprouts became drenched and sadly, did not survive.


My sunflowers, were able to withstand the monsoon and

are currently standing tall and healthy, capturing any sunlight that shines their way.  The Delphiniums and Forget-Me-Not Blue Birds are beginning to slowly sprout, to my vast excitement.

Forget-Me-Not-- Blue Birds
Forget-Me-Not– Blue Birds

Hopefully, the Purple Coneflowers will bounce back.  But, for now, I am exuberant with my burgeoning flowers and cannot wait for them to bud.


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